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FILMING SCHEDULE for Sean!! The filming schdule was founded on bachandbachettefanforum


The FINAL TWO: Lindsay and Catherine!

Sean is currently ENGAGED to Catherine according to Reality Steve

CORRECTION: the final three have not been confirmed the final four included: Lindsay Yenter, Ashlee Frazier,Desiree and Catherine Guidici

Rumor has it that Lindsay Yenter, Lesley Murphy, Tierra LiCausi,and (?) Ashlee Frazier might be the final four..AGAIN NO CONFIRMATION.

UPDATE: Lesley Murphy IS NOT in the final four according to Reality Steve.

Season Premiere
9/24 Meet and Greet

Episode 2

9/25: Off

9/26: 1-on-1 date- Helicopter ride to the top of WaterMarke Tower, rappelling down the Tower,and Dinner

9/27: Group date

9/28:1-on-1 date

9/29:Rose Ceremony

Episode 3

9/30:1-on-1 date:Guiness World Record Attraction/Longest on air kiss-Sean and Lesley

10/1:Group date-Beach Date in Malibu

10/2:2-on-1 date-Six Flags Magic Mountain

10/3:Rose ceremony

4th Episode

10/4:1-on-1 Date

10/5:Group Date

10/6:1-on-1 Date-Neil Lane Date-Sean and ?

10/7:Rose Ceremony'

Episode 5

10/8: Travel

10/9: ?

10/10: 1-on-1  Live concert in Whitefish, Montana- Sean and Lindsay

10/11: ?

10/12: Group Date- Wilderness Competition and Fireworks- Sean and ???

Episode 6 (Banff,Canada)

10/14: Travel

101/15: Travel

10/16: One-on-One Date

101/17: Group Date- Canoeing in Lake Louise

10/18: One-on-One Date

10/19: Rose Ceremony (9 to 6)

Episode 7  (St. Croix)

10/20 Travel to St. Croix


10/22: 1-on-1 date-Buck Island- Sean & ?

10/23:1-on-1 date-Mock Parade- Sean & Tierra

10/24: Group Date

10/25: 1-on-1 Date and Rose Ceremony (6 to 4)

Episode 8 (Hometown Dates)

10/26: Travel

10/27: First Hometown Date

10/28: Travel

10/29: Second Hometown Date- Catherine Guidici

10/30: Travel

10/31: Third Hometown Date

11/1: Travel

11/2: Fourth Hometown Date

11/3: Rose Ceremony (4 to 3)

Episode 9 (Fantasy Dates)

11/4: Travel

11/5: Travel

11/6: Fantasy Date #1

11/7: OFF

11/8: Fantasy Date #2

11/9: OFF

11/10: Fantasy Date #3

11/11: Rose Ceremony (3 to 2)

10th Episode- WOMEN TELL ALL

Episode 11

11/12: Travel

11/13: Meet The Family #1

11/14: Meet The Family #2

11/15:Last Chance Date #1

11/16 * SEAN'S 29th BIRTHDAY- Final Rose Ceremony

Tierra and Sean in St. Croix- a parade (Photos founded on Reality Steve's blog)

From Whitefish,Montana/Sarah Darling Concert
Note:ALL pictures came from Bachandbachettefanforum:LOVE_Me posted them.

So far Ashley P. Paige, Kacie,Kelly Dutton, and Kristy Kaminski have been eliminated.

October 7th Reality Steve:

October 4th RS tweeted this: Katie Levans was eliminated...


Reality Steve tweeted these on September 30th

Lesley Murphy
Photo Via:Mike Fleiss' Twitter


According to Reality Steve's column for September 27th: Sean was able to give out a "first impression" rose but  as Reality Steve points out is that Sean was able to give out roses to whichever girls he wanted to before the rose ceremony. So with that said Sean gave out more than 10. Steve says that he's not sure of the exact number but that only about 7 or 8 girls received roses at the ceremony. So he eliminated around 8 or 9 girls the first night.

Photo credit:Twitter: Forkalicious Sept.26th
Sean and date repelling down the WaterMarke Tower

Reality Steve has announced that Kacie Boguskie from Ben's season will be appearing on Sean's season to compete for his heart! The other ladies were probably not thrilled to say the least. Kacie met Sean at the Real Beanz charity event in NYC. He also said she got a rose.

Photo Credit:Wetpaint.com/Kristy's Facebook


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