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Access Hollywood Crashes Date

Laura Saltman (Twitter: @LauraSaltman) from Access Hollywood crashed Sean's date! Credit:NCGalBecca from bachandbachettefanforum posted this


Mike Fleiss tweeted this tonight! To find out who visit the spoiler page!

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Intersection White's Chapel UMC

The following pictures are from Intersection @ White's Chapel UMC a poster from bachandbachettefanforum posted this on Sean's thread!

Ashley Hebert:"I Can't Wait to watch Kacie Boguskie on The Bachelor"

The season hasn’t even begun and Kacie B. is already a favorite! Former ‘Bachelorette’ Ashley Hebert tells EXCLUSIVELY that she’s totally rooting for Kacie and Sean Lowe! Read on for ALL the details! Bachelorette star Ashley Hebert found love with J.P. Rosenbaum, and she tells us that she’s hoping for the same with Kacie Boguskie — who’s reportedly going back on The Bachelor after being dumped by Ben Flajnik.“I can’t get enough of sweet Kacie B., and I’m so excited to watch her all over again,”
Ashley tells EXCLUSIVELY. “I don’t think she got the loving she deserved on Ben’s season. Hopefully this time around will be different!! Team Kacie B!”
And we totally agree! The Tennessee-native is reportedly back in the game as one of Sean Lowe‘s bachelorettes. A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that this was a joint idea between Kacie and the producers of the show. Both Sean and Kacie B. are very into their faith and are both Southern sweethearts; we totally think they’d be the perfect match — and we’re glad Ashley agrees! But we’re sure the other women — including Paige from Bachelor Pad — aren’t too happy about Kacie’s return!



WETPAINT:Blakeley Shea on Why Kacie Did "The Bachelor" Again

When we last saw Kacie Boguskie on television, she was wiping a tear-stained cheek while asking aloud, “What the f—k happened?” after being eliminated during the hometown dates by Bachelor Ben Flajnik.

Nine months later, however, she’s back in front of those same cameras in search of love once again. As Reality Steve exclusively reported, the 25 year-old brunette southern belle will be competing for the heart of the new Bachelor, Sean Lowe. Why would she risk public heartbreak and humiliation all over again? We turned to Kacie’s good friend from her first stint on the show, Blakeley Shea (who’s now happily engaged to her Bachelor Pad main squeeze, Tony Pieper) for some insight

Photo Credit:WETPAINT/Blakeley Shea's Twitter

Wetpaint Entertainment: What did you think when you heard Kacie was going back on the show?
Blakeley: I was shocked. She never said anything about it. I honestly thought she was maybe going to be the next Bachelorette.

Do you think she could be a good match for Sean?
I don’t know Sean at all, but from what Tony tells me, he’s great guy. And I can tell you Kacie’s a sweetheart with a good head on her shoulders. My only concern is that she’s a little young.

Why do you think she decided to put herself through the process again?
Well, I can tell you she didn’t do it on a whim. Kacie isn’t the type to jump into things quickly. She and I, we’re both from the Bible Belt. We have strong values. A lot of people do the show for the fame or the money or to help their careers. Bu that’s not Kacie. She knows what she wants. She’s looking for love.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Sean and Kacie are a couple by the time you and Tony tie the knot? They could come to the wedding together!
(Laughing) That would be very cool. I hope they hit it off! But whomever he picks, I wish him well.


Smith and Kensington: "We Love Our Uncle"

Shay posted these on her blog I thought it was cute!



What Sean's Ex Girlfriend Says!

Who says you can’t be friendly about your ex?

The newly-announced Bachelor Sean Lowe is looking for love and he’s getting some support from an unlikely ally – his ex girlfriend.
Brooke Sorenson Nix, who dated Sean in 2008, tells Celebuzz she was ecstatic to hear her former flame was chosen for the title role of the hit ABC reality show and she hopes Sean finds what he’s looking.
What does she say about the new reality stud?

“I think he’s an awesome guy and I’m super happy for him,” said Nix, who’s married to Philadelphia Phillies baseball player Laynce Nix.
Other family and friends also couldn’t be happier for the Dallas businessman, who made his TV debut on last season’s The Bachelorette when he fell head over heels for North Carolina single mom Emily Maynard, but only made it to the final three before packing his bags.
Sean’s brother-in-law Andrew Shull says it took his best friend and family member a long time to get over Maynard, who is now engaged to Utah entrepreneur Jef Holm.

After The Bachelorette he was heartbroken. But the great thing about Sean is his ability to bounce back,” Andrew revealed to Celebuzz. “He knows how to move forward and look at the positive side.”
Sean actually introduced his brother-in-law to his wife (his sister Shay) — so Andrew wanted to help him meet the future Mrs. Lowe by nominating the 28-year-old for The Bachelorette, said Shull’s mother, Cheryl.

“When he nominated Sean he said, ‘The least I can do is return the favor,’” she laughed.

But listen closely ladies, Andrew has some insider advice for those hoping to win his best friend’s heart.

“Sean has dated many types of girls, so there isn’t a type of girl he’s looking for. But she’d have to be someone with the same goals, interests, down to earth and loves family,” he said. “He’s searching for his type.”

Cheryl thinks the perfect girl will be just like Sean: “She’ll be a fine Christian woman. She would just have to be genuine and sensitive person.”

One thing fans will love about the entrepreneur is his sense of humor, says his BFF.

“He’s so funny and just fun to be around,” Andrew said.

And whether or not he’s engaged or just dating at the end of the reality show run — which has already started filming in Los Angeles and Dallas — Andrew said the outcome doesn’t matter to him.

“I just want him to be happy, whatever that means,” he added. “He’s one of the most down-to-earth, genuine individuals. I have never met someone who doesn’t like Sean.”


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"First Kiss"

Tweet from Mike Fleiss

Icon for Twitter

Hey Sean Fans,

Are any of you the creative type? Do any of you guys know how to use photoshop? I was wondering if someone could make me an icon for my twitter page which is SLoweBachelor.. If you do know how to use photoshop or know someone that does please leave a comment below! I will give credit and I will GREATLY appreciate it!!

From Average Fit Guy to Toned Fitness Model Physique

Never Before Seen Photos

Here are a couple never before seen now photos from Dallas News

Did Sean give out a "first impression" rose or multiple?

If you want to know if Sean gave out a first impression rose and to who check out the updated SPOILER page!!

Trista Sutter and Jesse Csincsak Weigh In on Sean Lowe


When news broke on Tuesday that Bachelorette star Emily Maynard's ex Sean Lowe had been named ABC's latest Bachelor, fans had mixed feelings. While some of us jumped on the news, excited to hear that one of our favorite Southern gentleman would be returning to make his own journey to find love, others wondered how this sweet and calm Dallas entrepreneur could have been selected to carry television's most dramatic dating show. Will he be entertaining enough to carry a whole season of the famed series on his own? spoke with two Bachelor experts — former Bachelorette star Trista Sutter and former Bachelorette winner Jesse Csincsak — to get their thoughts on how ABC and Lowe can possibly make this work.

Of course, for anyone who has watched The Bachelor/ette, or any reality show for that matter, you know that to "make it work" on the small screen, it's all about what's happening behind the scenes. Csincsak explains, "It doesn’t matter about his story. Guarantee you that they went to his hometown and filmed, and they are going to make the guy look like a rock star. That’s the magic of the editing room. They can make any guy look like Jesus on TV."

The next stroke of divine magic comes from the casting. "They always have to cast interesting characters," Csincsak says. "There are going to have the villain, they are going to have the drunk, they are going to have the kook." While the show's producers know how to pick their archetypes, Sutter thinks Lowe has some standout qualities on his own. Namely, those good looks and Southern charm.

"Number one, his dimples... [and] his all-American good boy personality is huge," Sutter notes. "The fact that he’s open to both the process and articulating his feelings, I’ve always said is kind of a requirement for someone to be in that position because ABC and the producers don’t want someone who isn’t going to talk about the experience with the viewers." Sutter adds, "I have a pretty hot husband and I’m not complaining, but the fact that he has a body that they will be able to show off, they are all over that. They are going to have him shirtless more than anyone."

Lowe's good looks and wit explain why he attracted so many fans (124,044 Twitter fans and counting) in the first place. It's that very fan base that Csincsak believes convinced ABC to pick Lowe as the new Bachelor over other contenders like Ali Fedotowsky's ex-fiance Roberto Martinez and or Maynard runner-up Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

"They strategically do nothing except look at the guy’s following once he comes off the show — and the guy with the most following becomes the next Bachelor," Csincsak says. "You go on Facebook and Twitter, you look at his following, he has over a 100,000 following. That’s ratings. That’s how they make money." So will Lowe's million dollar smile really bring the big bucks and even bigger ratings to ABC? Find out when the Season 17 of The Bachelor premieres in January 2013.

Melissa Rycroft Approves of New Bachelor

Famously jilted "Bachelor" contestant Melissa Rycroft approves of new Bachelor Sean Lowe.

"He's a really great guy," the "Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars" contestant told reporters after last night's (Sept. 25) results show.

"I knew Sean back when I was a cheerleader," she explained. Rycroft cheered for the Dallas Cowboys, Lowe's hometown team, in 2006-2007.

"He actually was dating one of the girls I was a cheerleader with, so I knew him back then. He's a really nice guy, I wish him luck."

"I don't know how much of the process could work," added Rycroft, now happily married after being dumped at the virtual altar on her season of "The Bachelor." Lowe was brought back for the reality dating show this season after ultimately being rejected by Emily Maynard on "The Bachelorette."

But despite her doubts, Rycroft insists, "I do wish him luck."

Rycroft could use a little luck herself: she and partner Tony Dovolani received the fifth-lowest scores from the judges for their premiere performance on "DWTS."

From: Zap2It

Sean's Filming schedule

At the very top of the spoiler page I have posted the filming schedule. If you want to take a look! I found the filming schedule here!

Mike Fleiss tweeted September 27th:

Mike Fleiss: @fleissmeister "First Kiss!!!!!"

From Shay's Blog: "Pick a Winner"

I just thought I'd post this! It's from Sean's sisters blog! To find out what she had to say about this picture go visit here!

Photo Credit:

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"Sean Lowe is Bachelor, Ryan Lochte Not Even Runner Up"

From the Huffington Post:

It has just been announced that Sean Lowe will be the new "Bachelor" on the hit ABC show. However, Sean has known for more than two months that he would be handing out the roses next season.

“They decided on Sean because of the way women have taken to him. He is good looking, rich and most importantly he wants to find love,” a friend of Lowe tells me. “He has made it clear that he isn’t doing this to find fame, he wants to find a wife.”

Sean was the second (my correction:he was third) runner-up when Emily Maynard was "The Bachelorette" and came close to being this year's Bachelor.

“Despite rumors, [Olympic swimmer] Ryan Lochte was never in serous talks,” one show insider tells me. “It ultimately came down to Arie Luyendyk, who also vied for Emily’s heart, and Sean. Producers thought Sean would have a better connection with viewers and contestants and thus produce better ratings. Arie says that he was the first choice but passed on being The Bachelor but this simply isn't true. Sean was picked two months ago."

A 26th Girl Has Been Added

According to Reality Steve there has been an additional girl added. If you want to know check the spoiler page if you'd rather wait...well don't look!!

Update on Tiffany

Tiffany a contestant reported to be on Sean's season will actually NOT be on according to Reality Steve. Check his website for details.

Sean Lowe "Looking For My Best Friend"

Photo Credit:Love_Me Bachandbachettefanforum

From ABC's official Press Release:

"A real romantic, Sean loves to make a woman feel special and, as a life-long Texan, holds Southern values close to his heart. He wants to propose once, be married once and live a faithful family life, like his parents, who have had a loving 35-year union. Sean has a clear vision of what his life would be like with that one special woman. He wants to be the patriarch of a family that is centered on faith, love and laughter. He is eager to be a supportive husband who will encourage his wife to chase her dreams, as well as be someone whom she can rely on to help her through good and bad times. Quite simply, he is looking for his best friend. Sean also wants a big family and would love to adopt a child, as well as have some of his own, as long as he can pass on the values he has taught his kids. "

You can get the complete press release here!

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More Ladies!!!

*All have been founded here!


Ashley P.


Catherine Giudici








PEOPLE MAGAZINE: Sean Lowe is Bachelor

It's official: Sean Lowe is starring in the upcoming season of The Bachelor, ABC tells PEOPLE exclusively.

The Dallas businessman and entrepreneur won the hearts of fans across the country as he wooed North Carolina single mom
Emily Maynard on The Bachelorette last season, landing in the final three. Maynard sent Lowe, the second runner-up, home as she'd fallen head over heels for Utah entrepreneur Jef Holm, accepting his marriage proposal.

"I was standing at that rose ceremony thinking I was going to marry her," Lowe told PEOPLE last July of the heartbreaking moment when Maynard sent him home.

Tuesday's announcement comes after
months of speculation, with casting rumors ranging from former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky's ex-fiancé Roberto Martinez to Olympian Ryan Lochte.

On the possibility of being the next Bachelor, Lowe told PEOPLE at the time, "I'm an open-minded optimist, and I believe the process can work. If I found my wife, it would be worth it."

Production is already underway for the
17th season of the reality dating show, which will begin airing in January 2013. For more information on the contestants this season, visit


Here is Sean with Chris Harrison!

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First Rose Ceremony TONIGHT


Tonight is the first rose ceremony and Mike Fleiss tweeted

 "Live Tweeting from tonite's opening rose ceremony"

Dancing with the Stars premiers tonight and most likely Sean will be in the audience so tune in!!!

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So Far..

So far we know Jordyn, Kristy,Diana, and Sarah are all appearing. You can find out more on the spoilers page (find out who they are. Since the season is just now starting to film there is nothing to spoil...just introducing you to who the girls are )

*Quick correction and update: Jordyn Rossignol adn Tiffany Payette WON'T be appearing.

Kristy Kaminski

Diana Williardson

Sarah Herron

Katie Levans

Amanda Meyer

Lacey Latka

Taryn Renee Daniels

Paige Vigil

Lesly Murphy